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Equipment, Signal Coverage, and Basic Facts

Frequencies: 1640 kHz AM and 87.9 mhz FM

Transmitter location: Acme Park, 154 Great Road, Shirley Center/North Shirley

Sign on dates: AM: April 4, 2008; 87.9 FM: November 2009

AM Effective Radiated Power: 100 milliwatts (1/10th of a watt) FCC Part 15 maximum power level.

AM Antenna: Home constructed 3 meter vertical, impedance matched with a base loaded tuning coil and elevated about 17 feet above ground level.

FM Antenna: Standard quarter wave with a 4 element ground plane, elevated 20 feet above ground.

AM Transmitter: SStran Model AMT5000 assembled from a kit.

FM Transmitters: CZE-01A, SDA-01A

Coverage Area: 
The neighborhoods of North Shirley, Shirley Center, and Woodsville in the town of Shirley, Massachusetts. Maximum range is 2 miles, but more is possible using good DX equipment or car radio. (AM range is during daylight hours only in locations AWAY from power lines. See map below.) During the most ideal conditions (daytime - morning - winter - dry weather), the AM signal can be received on a high quality car radio at "hot spot" locations over three miles away.

Do you only hear the strongest AM stations on your car radio and the rest is noise? Chances are your antenna connection is faulty or corroded.  If your vehicle is still under warranty, your dealer will repair the problem free of charge.

Progressive Talk (Pacifica / old Air America) & Alternative Talk (Populist/ Libertarian/Truth Movement)
See our program schedule for a complete list of hosts and networks.

Liberty & Justice 1640 Transmitter and Antennas
(with the Troubadour 1710 arrays in the background)
L to R: 1640 AM, 1710 AM, 97.9 FM, 87.9 FM
Liberty & Justice 1640 Signal Coverage
Liberty & Justice 1640 Transmitter and Antennas Darker shaded area is primary daytime AM coverage, primary FM coverage,
and full nighttime AM coverage.
Lighter shaded area is secondary (weak) daytime AM coverage
and secondary FM coverage.
Map reflects ideal (winter) conditions.

Troubadour 1700 signal coverage