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The name "Minimum Wage Media" says it all. Troubadour 1700 and Liberty & Justice 1640 were founded and financed on a shoestring by a busy, hard working, low income person. Please support this media "seedling" with a subscription, a donation, or your advertising dollars. Click here to contribute on line.

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Implementing a guaranteed Basic Income ("Social Security for All") would end poverty in the United States and provide a 21st-century social safety net to deal with looming widespread unemployment
caused by advancing technology and trade policies that benefit only the top 1/10th of 1 percent. Income inequality in the United States has risen sharply in recent years and continues to get worse. Without serious intervention, we WILL face massive increases in poverty and civil unrest in the years ahead.

A guaranteed Basic Income, which will directly provide all Americans with just enough money each month to pay for food, housing, and essential bills, will shift our economy to one that doesn't require full employment in order to be healthy. It will also eliminate a huge layer of state and federal government bureaucracy whose sole purpose is to determine eligibility for current public assistance programs.

A Basic Income for all Americans would relieve most of us from the greatest source of stress, confinement, and unhappiness in our lives, namely the prospect of losing everything we have due to a termination of employment or other source of essential income. It would free up inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams with abandon, unencumbered by persistent worries of how they will support themselves during the months and years it often takes for their efforts to produce a monetary return (if a monetary return will even manifest in some cases).

It would revolutionize the workplace, because in every sort of business or institution, the staff would be there because they WANT to be there or have CHOSEN the occupation, not because they HAVE to be there in order to avoid homelessness, hunger, or bankruptcy. A Basic Income would finally free all of us to live AUTHENTIC LIVES.   

Also, there have always been those among us who do not flourish well in employment situations. These individuals either lack organized thinking, or attention to detail, or they don't hold up well under the social, physical, or top-down management structures that most jobs force upon us. For them, the risks involved in employment are very high. A Basic Income for such individuals will spare them the pain and stigma of multiple firings, along with inevitable poverty and hopelessness, while they either explore self-employment options or find ways to be useful to society outside of employment.

Recent studies have indicated that poverty reduces brain power. Poor people and others with financial problems do poorly on cognitive and logic tests. Poverty also results in diminished social opportunities, which reinforces diminished brain capacity and inspiration. Do you find yourself often complaining about how hard it is to function in a "dumbed down" America? A Basic Income would go a long way in reversing it.

The management of Minimum Wage Media wholeheartedly endorses the concept of an unconditional Basic Income for all.

We urge our listeners to support this petition.
Bernie Sanders 2016

Minimum Wage Media Blog

Newtown, Corrupticut First Selectman Patricia Llodra, testifying under oath at the Sandy Hook FOIA Hearing #2 in Hartford on June 3, 2015:

"I believe that Homeland Security put it there."

[ ...referring to the illuminated sign near the Sandy Hook Fire House that was present for at least the entire day on December 14th, 2012, as depicted in the photo below.]

Everyone Must Check In - DHS/FEMA Procedure Sign

Here is the video of the entire hearing:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false.”
-William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

“Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
-Richard Salant, Former President of CBS News

Super Town Meeting on Monday, June 8th in Shirley, Ayer, Harvard and Devens to decide four proposed zoning changes in Devens.

6/6/15  Minimum Wage Media endorses the following votes:

Vote YES for proposed change to Shirley Village Growth District.
Vote YES for proposed healthcare use for Shirley Village Growth District.
Vote YES to protect Rogers Field, restore Willow Brook, and allow expansion of Adams Circle Zero-Net-Energy neighborhood.
Vote NO to prevent more biotech firms, defense contractors and other alledged "businesses" from occupying the south end of Grant Road.

We need to enable more poor people, working class people, and middle class people to own businesses in Devens, not give more land to psychopaths! Here are my comments on Courbanize, a site MassDevelopement is using to promote the changes:

All good except...

The last thing we need is more biotech, pharmaceutical, and private military contractors locating in Devens. In my opinion, these corporations are either destroying our planet, destroying our physical and mental health, engaging in mass deception, or profiting from war. Instead, we should be helping our own struggling local poor and middle class establish small businesses in Devens. We should set aside the residential area of Grant Road as an "artist colony" type of intentional community. It should feature dirt cheap affordable housing and be populated by creative people (artists, musicians, peaceful inventors, writers, investigative journalists, media creators, antique restorers, etc.) who, more than anything, want to practice their craft and want "out" of the rat race and the spiraling cost of living. Only a community such as this can begin to undo the horrible legacy of Deven's destructive military past.

For all Minimum Wage Media blog entries, visit our page at blogspot.com

...anti-war, anti-corporate, anti-oligarch, anti-military industrial complex, anti-new world order, 9/11 truth, non-interventionist foreign policy, free alternative energy,
debt-free currency, natural health and healing, local organic food, vegan lifestyle, entrepreneurial small business, environmental responsibility, constitutional government, economic justice for the middle class and working poor, fair trade, diversity, free spirit secular culture, positive sexuality, small grass roots media

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Liberty & Justice 1640 is a service of Minimum Wage Media

Minimum Wage Media is a insurgent broadcasting effort named in honor of starving artists and the working poor - those who are prevented from reaching their full potential due to the vicious cycle of poverty, debt and overwork. We seek to expose and shame the powerful elites and status quo enforcers who exploit us, and build a culture based upon consensus, peace, respect, equal economic opportunity (with the eventual elimination of money altogether), and a reverence for nature, natural law, and natural health.

The micro stations of Minimum Wage Media are a project of Jeffrey Gill whose radio background includes folkimage.com, Walden 1120 (WADN), WCMX, WCAV, and WDLW.

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