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Sign our newest petition to the FCC: Increase Part 15 Power Limits to 1 Watt AM, 10 Watts Shortwave

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The name "Minimum Wage Media" says it all. Troubadour 1700 and Liberty & Justice 1640 were founded and financed on a shoestring by a busy, hard working, low income person. Please support this media "seedling" with a subscription, a donation, or your advertising dollars. Click here to contribute on line.

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Live Coverage of the People's Climate March in New York City

9/19/14  95.1 FM, the Voice of the Resistance, will be reactivated again this weekend to make WBAI's coverage of the People's Climate March conveniently available on any FM radio in the Shirley Center, North Shirley, and Woods Village neighborhoods. So as to not miss any pre and post-march interviews, we will begin carrying WBAI starting Saturday morning and continue until at least midnight on Monday morning. The actual march is scheduled for 10:30 AM to 1 PM on Sunday.

Special 9/11 Broadcast: The 9/11 Truth Film Festival

We will be reactivating 95.1, The Voice of the Resistance, for this special broadcast, live from the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California. The broadcast starts at 4 PM Eastern on 9/11/14 and continues until 2 AM Eastern on 9/12/14. There will be no audio streaming from us. For both on line video and audio, go to the source, No Lies Radio, and make a contribution. If you listen to the Liberty & Justice broadcast on 95.1 FM, and find it rewarding, please also sent us a token $5 for our efforts.

The Choices in this Tuesday's Massachusetts Primary Utterly Suck!

AM Stereo

7/31/14  Some time between mid August and early September, I will likely be conducting tests in an effort to add C-Quam AM Stereo to Troubadour 1700's signal. If the tests are successful, and the transmitter required provides the same coverage as the SSTran AMT-5000 currently in use, the change will become permanent. Troubadour 1700 would then be the only analog AM Stereo station receivable in Shirley. Also, Liberty & Justice 1640 would get a noticeable boost in its coverage because the AMT-5000 would be swapped over to become its transmitter, replacing a less efficient AMT-3000.
A variety of radios and tuners produced from the late 1980's to the mid 1990's can decode AM Stereo at 1700 kHz, including car radios from the 1988 model year (when inclusion of the AM expanded band became standard) up until about 1993. The high end AM Stereo tuners and receivers of that era had AM audio that was so good it was nearly indistinguishable from FM. Also, some current HD radios have the Motorola chip required to decode C-Quam AM Stereo. So stay tuned for some interesting experimentation.

New Petition Now on Line: Increase Part 15 Power Limits to 1 Watt AM, 10 Watts Shortwave

 I am pleased to announce that my new companion petition urging the Media Division of the Federal Communications Commission to increase Part 15 power limits to 1 watt in the AM broadcast band and 10 watts in the shortwave broadcast bands is now available on line for your perusal and digital signature:


There was a considerable amount of input from knowledgeable and experienced people that informed the composition of this petition. My hope is that when people discover that the proposal gives them the freedom to put a legal, viable, small signal on the air for as little as $1,000, while remaining license free and out of the grip of the FCC's lottery, filing window, or comparative hearing "death sentences," they will line up in droves to sign it.

If license free LPFM up to 1 watt can work in New Zealand, there is no reason why unlicensed 1 watt LPAM and 10 watt LPSW can't work in the United States at the present time. This, ideally, should become an international movement. The days of having no choice but to become a pirate, with all the risks it brings, need to be brought to a merciful end.

After this petition has garnered the maximum number of signatures I think it is going to get, my plans are to approach one of my U.S. Senators, who while in the House worked on many telecommunications issues. Most likely, he still has a working relationship with decision makers at the FCC. I hope such a strategy can result in some pressure on the agency from another branch of government to take action on these proposals. You never know if such a strategy will be successful until you try.

My new petition to the FCC at Change.org. PLEASE SIGN!

6/8/14  I have spent the last couple of days creating and tweaking a petition to the Federal Communications Commission that urges them to FINALLY CREATE A LOW POWER AM RADIO SERVICE IN THE EXPANDED BAND (1610 - 1700 kHz). I am urging everyone to read and sign this petition which is now on line at the underlined link above.We need a low power radio service where individuals of modest means (not just "community groups") can become small time media entrepreneurs. We need a low power radio service where local independent businesses are supported and alternatives to corporate programming are provided.

Ten years ago, I was part of a working group that was urging the FCC to create such a class of station. But the LPFM movement was in full swing at the time and it was ignored. Had more people read the fine print and discovered how restrictive LPFM is in regards to who can own a station, and the fact that the majority of America's major urban population will likely never get the chance to hear one, the outcome back then may have been different.

What resurrected my interest in the push for LPAM was a development over the past couple of weeks that changed my prospects concerning my long standing proposed Indiegogo fundraiser. I had hoped it could enable me to lease or eventually buy a licensed facility in north central Massachusetts. Out of several stations examined in the proposed fundraiser text, I had always thought that my best chances would be with the two stations in Orange and Athol, 700 AM and 99.9 FM. But two weeks ago... lo and behold... the owner did an about face and decided to locally program the stations, and each with its own separate format.

Obviously, once an owner makes a commitment to locally program a couple of his marginal "repeater" stations, the last thing he is going to do at that point is sell them or lease them to someone else. So, even if I went ahead with my Indiegogo fundraiser, and even reached my goal, the odds of getting a foot in the door is now seriously diminished. So I started thinking about altering the fundraiser in favor of a network of Part 15 AM stations, simular to my current ones, and how I wanted to build "the nation's largest chain of Part 15 AM transmitters." But the problems and limits of such an undertaking quickly set in. (I'll likely do it anyway if no better option comes along.) And that brought me back to the LPAM effort of a decade ago and how good that proposal was.

Once again, please take a little time to read and sign the petition at change.org. It's for a good purpose that can potentially improve many lives and change our culture for the better.        

The "Thom" and "Alex" editions of Liberty & Justice Radio have re-combined into a single station and stream.

6/2/14  This is another project that had been proposed for months but is now under way. Several developments over the past year have made this move more and more practical. Most recently, Ed Schultz has abandon his radio show and Randi Rhodes' departure from Premier Networks may lead to her retirement. That's two fewer options in the commercial "progressive" talk realm. Earlier, the demise of Oracle Broadcasting and American Freedom Radio in the "alternative" talk realm made far fewer options available there. I found barely enough room in a 24/7 schedule to fit the rest... and we have greatly increased our Pacifica offerings in recent months to fill the gaps. But what is left, I feel, is largely the best of the best. Check our program schedule to find when your favorite shows are now airing.          

Significant upgrade for Troubadour 1700's AM signal

6/1/14  During the past week, Troubadour 1700 AM's transmitter of the past 10 years, an SSTran model AMT-3000, was retired in favor of the new and improved model AMT-5000. Although still operating at the legal limit of 100 milliwatts, the AMT-5000 is a much more efficient transmitter and the increase in coverage area is quite noticable. The AMT-5000 is also more stable in wet weather than the old AMT-3000, so the severe attenuation in coverage area, especially during wet evenings, is a thing of the past. The daytime signal is now detectable beyond the 2 mile mark, and at night it is usually still readable at the two mile mark. Enjoy the new improved signal!

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