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The name "Minimum Wage Media" says it all. Troubadour 1700 and Liberty & Justice 1640 were founded and financed on a shoestring by a busy, hard working, low income person. Please support this media "seedling" with a subscription, a donation, or your advertising dollars. Click here to contribute on line.

Programs on Liberty & Justice 1640/ 95.1 & 87.9 are either independently produced or provided by the following sources:

Progressive Radio Network
No Lies Radio
GCN Live Revere Radio Network
Revolution Radio at freedomslips.com Rense Radio Network
NaturalNews Headline Reports WBAI Pacifica Radio NYC
CBC Hourly News

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3/2/14  On Wednesday, March 5, all live streaming of Troubadour 1700 will be consolidating to a single URL:

Title and artist information will be restored to this stream at that time. Listening on TuneIn should be unaffected. Also, progress on the creation of my Indiegogo fundraiser has FINALLY picked up over the past week. My hope is for completion over the next seven days, and debut on line in 7-10 days.

Farewell, Pete

1/31/14  If you have a history of folk music radio like I do, it was difficult early this week to wrap your mind around the fact that Pete Seeger is no longer with us. I was hoping he would make it to 100, but his body wouldn't go the distance... although he was still chopping wood within ten days of his death. He was a man of strong convictions and he acted upon them. Yet he was so affable and disarming, I don't see how anyone could dislike him... and all those compelling songs and performances (more like rallies!). Will Pete Seeger be regarded as the greatest American folk singer? He just may be.

JFK 50th Truth Radio ends its run

1/15/14  JFK 50th Truth Radio: The Assassination of America completed a fascinating run of nearly two months on 102.9 FM. Whatever broadcast configurations I may have at my disposal in November 2014, I am determined to rerun the 55 plus features and any new additions during that entire month in some form. A mix of broadcast interviews, lectures, and articles from witnesses and the experts, documentary soundtracks, and original JFK speeches were featured. Instead of dumbing you down with lies and coverups like the mainstream "mockingbird" media still insists upon, our features brought you into the world of the sharpest, most honest, and thorough researchers and qualified witnesses in the genre. But for now, it's back to NOAA weather to get you through another tough New England winter, as well as any other mass activism or special events that may occur.

Promotional Video for upcoming Minimum Wage Media Crowd Funding Campaign is now complete

11/12/13  There was a steep learning curve because I had never done digital video editing before, and at first I couldn't envision doing such a project all by myself. There was also a two week detour as I looked into a potential new LPFM station for Ayer, MA, since the LPFM filing deadline was moved up to November 14th. But after a month of plodding along, at least I can now say that the video portion of the upcoming Indiegogo.com proposal is complete. The rest should be easier.

When the entire campaign is ready on line, it will be announced here and many other places.


9/8/13  This is the "goal of goals" and I am determined to make it happen one way or another, either through outright purchase of the facilities, an "LMA to ownership" arrangement, or by challenging the FCC license renewals of two local stations. (All Massachusetts radio stations have their FCC licenses up for renewal in April 2014.) It all depends upon the level of support we achieve, which of course, depends upon how effectively we publicize the effort far and wide among our target demographics and among entrepreneurial professionals.

Are you tired of local radio station ownerships dominated by fundamentalist Christians, neo-conservatives, and those of the lowest common denominator of American mainstream "thought"? Would you like to finally have a local radio management that is anti-war, anti-corporate, pro-economic justice, pro-natural, organic, and local food, pro-vegan, pro-health freedom, anti-GMO, and pro-small business entrepreuerialism, craftsmanship, and the arts? Then you need to support this effort. If you would like to see the return of folk music to the local radio dial (in the spirit of WSLE and WADN), along with new age music, world music, and Americana (and possibly on weekends, 1960's and 70's oldies and forgotten FM tracks, 1980's country, Brazilian roots music, and other forms of GENUINE music), then you need to get behind this effort and spread the word.

Our crowd funding effort on Indiegogo.com will be announced here when it is ready. Currently, I am bolstering my professional and social networking in anticipation of it. Stay tuned!

...anti-war, anti-corporate, anti-oligarch, anti-military industrial complex, anti-new world order, 9/11 truth, non-interventionist foreign policy, free alternative energy,
debt-free currency, natural health and healing, local organic food, vegan lifestyle, entrepreneurial small business, environmental responsibility, constitutional government, economic justice for the middle class and working poor, fair trade, diversity, free spirit secular culture, positive sexuality, small grass roots media

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Liberty & Justice Radio is a media sponsor of the United We Stand Festival in Los Angeles on May 10th. We will carry the entire event live if a stream becomes available.

United We Stand Festival in L.A. 5-10-14

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Liberty & Justice Radio is a service of Minimum Wage Media

Minimum Wage Media is a insurgent broadcasting effort named in honor of starving artists and the working poor - those who are often prevented from reaching their full potential due to the vicious cycle of poverty and debt. We seek to expose and shame the powerful elites and status quo enforcers who exploit us, and build a culture based upon consensus, equal economic opportunity, and a respect for nature, natural law, and natural health.

The micro stations of Minimum Wage Media are a project of Jeffrey Gill whose background includes folkimage.com, Walden 1120 (WADN), WCMX, WCAV, and WDLW.

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