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The name "Minimum Wage Media" says it all. Troubadour 1700 and Liberty & Justice 1640 were founded and financed on a shoestring by a busy, hard working, low income person. Please support this media "seedling" with a subscription, a donation, or your advertising dollars. Click here to contribute on line.

Programs on Liberty & Justice 1640 & 87.9 are either independently produced or provided by the following sources:

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Minimum Wage Media Blog

Yet another change in the audio streaming URL's

11/17/14  First, an apology to all on line listeners over the fact that the audio streams had been down for weeks before I discovered the problem. That is how busy I have been with other matters! Emails from my host that were sent a month in advance warning of a change in audio streaming servers somehow never made it to my Inbox. Here are the new URL's to bookmark in your favorite computer based player or Wifi radio:
Troubadour 1700:

Liberty & Justice 1640:

Personally, I hate URL changes in audio streams. They outdate your streaming bookmarks so fast, that even just a year later, half of them no longer work. But this was a business decision by my host and it is beyond my control. All audio links on the websites should be updated by the time you read this. Our pages on Tune In should also be working again shortly, as well as listening over the phone through Zeno Radio. Our phone numbers for listening remain the same:

Troubadour 1700:

Liberty & Justice 1640:

AM Stereo Experiments had mixed results

11/17/14  After an experimental period of several weeks operating in C-Quam AM Stereo, Troubadour 1700 has gone back to mono operation with the installation of a second new SSTran AMT-5000 transmitter. But in retrospect, I may have been too critical of the ASMAX-1 AM Stereo transmitter I had been using for the experiments. It did sound very good and provided excellent stereo separation and competitive signal range. I had to modify the ASMAX-1's audio input to give it the "SSTRan sound" that has been a trademark of Minimum Wage Media's AM signals. But after the installation of the second new AMT-5000, a few anomalies and artifacts that I had blamed on the ASMAX-1 were still there.
The trickiest part of our AM operation is the fact that we have two transmitting antennas only 12 feet apart in distance and only 60 kHz apart in operating frequency. A major adjustment or tuning on one often effects the efficiency, range, and behavior of the other. Plus, ground conductivity is never the same, especially as the seasons change. So to get both stations at absolute peak antenna tuning and at equal maximum signal output is a difficult challenge. But I am
happy to report that we are pretty much there at this point and certainly better than through most of our history. So the current setup will remain as it is through next spring, minus the AM Stereo, unfortunately. During the winter months, I will need to concentrate on the goal of vastly expanding our network of transmitters throughout north central Massachusetts and the Nashoba Valley region with the creation of an Indiegogo fund raiser to help make it happen.

Live Coverage of the People's Climate March in New York City

9/19/14  95.1 FM, the Voice of the Resistance, will be reactivated again this weekend to make WBAI's coverage of the People's Climate March conveniently available on any FM radio in the Shirley Center, North Shirley, and Woods Village neighborhoods. So as to not miss any pre and post-march interviews, we will begin carrying WBAI starting Saturday morning and continue until at least midnight on Monday morning. The actual march is scheduled for 10:30 AM to 1 PM on Sunday.

Special 9/11 Broadcast: The 9/11 Truth Film Festival

We will be reactivating 95.1, The Voice of the Resistance, for this special broadcast, live from the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California. The broadcast starts at 4 PM Eastern on 9/11/14 and continues until 2 AM Eastern on 9/12/14. There will be no audio streaming from us. For both on line video and audio, go to the source, No Lies Radio, and make a contribution. If you listen to the Liberty & Justice broadcast on 95.1 FM, and find it rewarding, please also sent us a token $5 for our efforts.

The Choices in this Tuesday's Massachusetts Primary Utterly Suck!

AM Stereo

7/31/14  Some time between mid August and early September, I will likely be conducting tests in an effort to add C-Quam AM Stereo to Troubadour 1700's signal. If the tests are successful, and the transmitter required provides the same coverage as the SSTran AMT-5000 currently in use, the change will become permanent. Troubadour 1700 would then be the only analog AM Stereo station receivable in Shirley. Also, Liberty & Justice 1640 would get a noticeable boost in its coverage because the AMT-5000 would be swapped over to become its transmitter, replacing a less efficient AMT-3000.
A variety of radios and tuners produced from the late 1980's to the mid 1990's can decode AM Stereo at 1700 kHz, including car radios from the 1988 model year (when inclusion of the AM expanded band became standard) up until about 1993. The high end AM Stereo tuners and receivers of that era had AM audio that was so good it was nearly indistinguishable from FM. Also, some current HD radios have the Motorola chip required to decode C-Quam AM Stereo. So stay tuned for some interesting experimentation.

...anti-war, anti-corporate, anti-oligarch, anti-military industrial complex, anti-new world order, 9/11 truth, non-interventionist foreign policy, free alternative energy,
debt-free currency, natural health and healing, local organic food, vegan lifestyle, entrepreneurial small business, environmental responsibility, constitutional government, economic justice for the middle class and working poor, fair trade, diversity, free spirit secular culture, positive sexuality, small grass roots media

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Liberty & Justice Radio is a service of Minimum Wage Media

Minimum Wage Media is a insurgent broadcasting effort named in honor of starving artists and the working poor - those who are often prevented from reaching their full potential due to the vicious cycle of poverty and debt. We seek to expose and shame the powerful elites and status quo enforcers who exploit us, and build a culture based upon consensus, equal economic opportunity, and a respect for nature, natural law, and natural health.

The micro stations of Minimum Wage Media are a project of Jeffrey Gill whose background includes folkimage.com, Walden 1120 (WADN), WCMX, WCAV, and WDLW.

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