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You may also send a check or money order via postal mail. Make it payable to "Jeffrey Gill" and address it to 154 Great Road, Lot 8, Shirley, MA 01464-2833. Thanks so much in advance for your support.

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Liberty & Justice is still a do-it-yourself hobby effort, but commercial messages are permissible. Sponsors are welcome and valued. If you own a small business or have a skill or cause you would like to promote in exchange for your donation, browse the basic packages below, then visit the "contact" link above and get in touch with me.

Although the FCC has limited the power of Part 15 AM stations to a ridiculous 100 milliwatts (1/10th of a watt!), and has made micro FM nearly impossible, there are Part 15 AM's and micro FM's in strategic locations that have secured local advertising accounts. Sponsors support such stations because unlike the full powered corporate chains, they offer dirt cheap, affordable rates. These sponsors also feel better knowing they are supporting a locally owned, programmed, and managed facility that exists as a labor of love.

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3) All copy changes as needed.
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For advertising inquiries, call 978-425-2524 or 508-202-8697, or email jeff at We can accomodate any budget.